Privacy Protection Policy

【Purpose of Privacy Protection】

Green Operations Co. Ltd. (herein after `This Company`) provide outsourcing services for the insurance and the assurance operations. This company consider it is the important social responsibility to protect the private information corrected through our business from our clients and employees of this company (herein after `Private Information`).

This company will take care carefully those Private Information corrected through our business following these policy and will fulfill relief and our responsibility to our clients and employees


1. Correction and usage of Private Information
  • • Correct Private Information by the fair method with applicable laws and regulations.
  • • Use Private Information only in a range of scoped purpose deemed necessary.
  • • Will take the subject person`s approval in advance when this company provide Personal Information to the third party.
  • • Will not use the corrected Personal Information beyond the scoped purpose.
  • • Will take the another approval of the subject person when we need to use beyond the scoped purpose.
2. Laws, regulations and guidance stipulated by the government (herein after Laws etc.)
  • • Will always keep updated and comply with Laws etc. regarding the treatment of Private Information and let the employee engaged to this company business (herein after `employee`) notice.
3. Protection of the safety for Private Information
  • • Will make the appropriate measures and keep to prevent and correct any abuse, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of Private Information.
  • • Will check the weakness and correct the violation or accident discovered and make the protection for that weakness.
  • • Will make the education to the employee for the safety measures.
4. Claim and consultation
  • • Will handle the matter in good faith for the claim and consultation of the dealing of Private Information with the appropriate department which can respond with proper speed.
Date of enactment October 1, 2018
AOM Company Limited
Suzuo Matsuda CEO